مطعم الصحرا アル サハラ

Al Sahara Arabic, Japanese and International Halal restaurant in the heart of shopping area shinsaibashi, We are the sister restaurant of famous Halal restaurant Ali’s Kitchen Osaka.
Our food quality is best we use top class of hight qualitiy ingredients to make our food taste different then others and delicious. You can feel our love and affection in our each and every dish.
Difference in between Ali’s Kitchen and Al Sahara is menu.. At Al Sahara you can have Halal Japanese food over 20 dishes like, Yaki Niku, Ramen, Tempura, Yakisoba and many other, in other hand we have wide range of Arabic and interactional food, Like kabasa, Mandi, Pulao, Nachos, Kebab and many others.

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